“The Most Profitable Calendar Known to Man”

Since we posted the latest stock idea from our own biotech maven Dr. KSS yesterday, I couldn’t help myself — had to take a look at the biotech pitch being made by the Money Map folks who are launching their BioScience Millionaire service. But I don’t really have any time, and God knows I ain’t […]

Navellier’s “Three ‘Perma-Bulls’ to Buy Now”

Whenever you’re feeling blue about the market and don’t have the stomach for some Jim Cramer ranting, a nice substitute can be a trip over to Louis Navellier’s world, where there’s always a promise of extraordinary growth somewhere. Today Navellier, a quantitatively-minded growth stock investor (meaning, his system sifts stocks largely based on trends in […]

Curzio’s “The 20-Second Battery: Investing in a Miracle Material”

Today we have to put my usual cautionary note up top. The stock Frank Curzio is pitching as the key supplier for “The 20-Second Battery” is ridiculously small. It has already been recommended to his subscribers over at Phase 1 Investor, so presumably they’ve gotten their fill of the stock (he also touted it about […]

“Stocks that double in two days no matter what the stock market is doing”

With a headline like that, it’s no wonder that Gumshoe readers have been asking about the latest pitch from Lombardi Financial. Lombardi is pitching a service I haven’t written about before called Payload Stocks … the editor of the letter is someone named Moe Zulfiqar, which is probably too cool of a name to be […]

The “Web 3.0″ Stock teased by Marc Lichtenfeld

Another Monday morning, another “next wave of the internet” teaser. This teaser comes in from the Oxford Income Letter, edited by Marc Lichtenfeld over at the Oxford Club, and it’s a bit of a departure from the crazy small cap names he has more often touted of late (usually for his MicroCap Tech Trader newsletter). […]

NuCable: “Company That’s About to Kill Cable Television”

“Ford Killed the Horse & Buggy. “Microsoft Killed the Typewriter. “Apple Killed the Compact Disc. “Now Introducing… The Company That’s About to Kill Cable Television.” That’s the intro to the latest ad from the Oxford Club… which thinks this secret company “NuCable” will be able to revolutionize the cable TV business and make all of […]