Hepatitis with a C

[Ed. Note: Dr. KSS writes about medicine and biotech stocks for the Irregulars. His words and opinions are his own.] In A History of New York, Washington Irving opens chapter VIII thus: ”In which the author and reader…fall into a very grave and instructive discourse.” This may prove to be a more unleavened column than […]

Casey’s “After Years of Waiting, This Rare 5x Investment Is a Buy Again”

This teaser pitch just started running a day or so ago, and lots of folks are asking about it … and the folks at Casey Research are effectively using this same teaser pitch to try to sell two different newsletters. The first questions I got about this came yesterday morning, when readers were asking about […]

Paul Goodwin’s “My No. 1 China Stock” Pick

Paul Goodwin edits the Cabot China and Emerging Markets report, which is really the only surviving China-focused newsletter I can think of from a big publisher (most publishers had such a letter during the China bull run in the mid-late 2000s, but many of them disappeared in recent years as China got to be as […]

Soda, Brazil, and Royalties

Happy Friday, all — Irregulars have already seen a few “members only” articles this week, from Dr. KSS’ new posting to my update on goings-on with Ligand, so I think we’ll probably be a bit on the brief side with the Friday File today… let’s see if I can stick with that prediction. Things are […]

“The Second Coming… Documented Miracle Happening in 32 States”

I’m going to keep this one very brief today … spent most of the day in a dentist’s chair, but I couldn’t resist this ad from Dr. Kent Moors pitching his Energy Advantage newsletter. So there’s a hint for you: If you want to get my attention, reference your investing idea as “the second coming.” […]

The Why and the What of Diabetes Management

[ed. note: Michael Jorrin, a longtime medical writer who we like to call "Doc Gumshoe" (he's not a doctor), shares his thoughts and explanations of health and medical topics with Gumshoe readers every few weeks. Readers have asked him about diabetes, both for personal reasons and because of the huge investment opportunity, so he submitted […]

IRM(72), The “Second Income Plan”, and other “secrets”

These kinds of secret income pitches get sent around all the time, and that’s been true ever since Stock Gumshoe started publishing in 2007 — some of our very first articles were about deciphering the “secrets” behind schemes described as “801k Plans” (because they’re “twice as good as 401k plans“) and other terms that are […]

“Blue Blood” — Which “Tiny Biotech Owns Only Source of Rare Cancer-Curing Chemical?”

The following article originally appeared on February 11, 2014 — several readers have asked about the “blue blood” pitch for this “cancer cure” (there’s a reason why we use quotes there) so we’re putting it on top of the page in case you’re curious. My opinion on this one is unchanged, I’m still pretty skeptical […]