Energy Strategist

Monthly newsletter focuses on investments in energy-related stocks in US, Canada and overseas. Print this

S & A Resource Report

This newsletter focuses on commodity-related stocks, including other natural resources beyond just oil. Print this

Diggers & Drillers

Targets natural resource and “hard asset” stocks in Australia. Print this

Energy Investor

Focused on investments in energy companies with a “peak oil” focus. Formerly called The $20 Trillion Report and edited by Brian Hicks and Nick Hodge. Print this

Oil & Energy Insider

The premium newsletter for, covering economies of energy, geopolitics of the energy market, and investment recommendations. Print this

Early Advantage

Looks for volatile, often small cap, alternative energy stocks and “early” new energy and mining investments. Formerly called Alternative Energy Speculator. Print this

Power Portfolio

Energy-focused stock picking newsletter, formerly called Green Chip Stocks with a real “alternative” focus on solar and the like and now focused more broadly on “Modern Energy Technologies”. Print this

MLP Profits

Recommends high-yield Master Limited Partnerships, mostly in energy. Print this