NuCable: “Company That’s About to Kill Cable Television”

“Ford Killed the Horse & Buggy. “Microsoft Killed the Typewriter. “Apple Killed the Compact Disc. “Now Introducing… The Company That’s About to Kill Cable Television.” That’s the intro to the latest ad from the Oxford Club… which thinks this secret company “NuCable” will be able to revolutionize the cable TV business and make all of […]

What are the “Duke Street Trusts” From Motley Fool?

“You Won’t Read About ‘Duke St. Trusts’ in Bloomberg… “But for Over a Decade They’ve Minted Returns Like 197.7%, 3,265.6%, and even 5,389.9%! (Seriously) “The financial media is at it again: After a great rally they’re all blabbing that stocks can’t go higher, but they’re missing the biggest story yet… “Because the 2 newest Duke […]


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Latest Frontier “Pioneer Pick” from Casey’s Big Gold

Yep, another gold stock. The gold fear is leaving the markets at least a little bit now that the price has flattened out a bit in the $1,200-1,400 range over the last several months, and I expect it won’t be too long before the teaser stock mania picks up again for the miners. Today we’ve […]

Nick Hodge’s “Blue Light” Cancer Detection Device

Looks like we’ve got another small cap company being touted by Nick Hodge for his Early Advantage service — but now, instead of the “blue blood” company that he’s been touting for a year or so as the potential enabler of a cancer cure, he’s pitching this “blue light” company as the one that will […]

Value Investing Congress, Day Two

Here are my notes from the presentations on the second day at the Value Investing Congress: Eric Sprott, “Investing Opportunity of Your Lifetime” (Gold market manipulation) Isaac Schwartz, “Hidden in Plain Sight” (Kazakh banks and Russian flooring) David Hurwitz, “Opportunities for Investment in Korea” Michael Kao, Akanthos “The TAO of Asymmetric Investing” (Tag Oil) Petra […]